About Us

The Aero Venture was started four years back by Group Captain (Retd) Kuldeep Kumar - a seasoned Navigation Instructor in the Indian Air Force with an impeccable record of service spanning 30 years..

A comprehensive training schedule segmented into subject areas and further differentiated into topics was chalked out. The sequence of the topics has been arranged to ensure that all pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fall into place naturally. This shall enable the trainee pilots to grasp the subjects in an easy manner. The emphasis on understanding of the subjects for practical utilization is no less than that on the theoretical aspect for qualifying in the DGCA Exams. This is to ensure that the candidates not only meet the Requirements stipulated by DGCA, but; mature into thorough professionals to further enhance Flight Safety in Aviation and be considered worthy for placement by Flying Schools / Corporate Aviation / Commercial Airlines in the present difficult phase in the Aviation Industry